Thanking you,
(Your Name)

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Dear (Name),

Going through your letter, I got the impression that you are sounding too formal. Maybe that’s what teaching pro­fession does to people. Anyway, you can send ____________ (Name) any day you feel, without any second thought. I am of the opinion that your son is like my son, so instead of search­ing for an accommodation, he can stay with us. But for that you should make a trip to ____________ (Place Name), it will be an occa­sion to revive old memories. As for my daughter ____________ (Girl Name), I’ll also start searching for a suitable boy very soon. In friendship there are no “ifs” and “buts”, so try to reach ____________ (Place Name) as early as possible to sort out your matters. And do not forget to come with your family. Awaiting your ar­rival.

Yours Friend Forever,
(Your Name)