Yours Still,
(Sender Name)

Reply to the previous letter


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Dear (Receiver Name),

Going through your letter I realised that it was very ma­ture of you to write to me and very imbecile of me to react the way I did. Yaar, I really feel bad about my mis­conduct. At least I should have informed you that I was in ____________ (Place Name). I’m sure that in our friendship you are more mature whereas I’m more childish in my outlook. But at the same time I am extremely happy to know that you are coming to ____________ (Place Name).

Why don’t you bring your wife also? It will be a great get-together. I still relish Bhabhi’s cooking, and then we can visit all those places in ____________ (Place Name) where we spent our adolescence which can be termed “A trip to Memory Larie”. I am eagerly looking forward to your arrival in the city. And as the saying goes on “Let Bygones by Bygones.”

Yours Only,
(Sender Name)