Dear Sir,

I shall be highly obliged if you would kindly leave a little space in your esteemed Daily to highlight the following.

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Sir – “The prices of kerosene oil and LPG have increased tremendously in the recent times for which the poor and the middle class people have been hard hit. The prices of kerosene oil and LPG are now ____________ (Amount) and ____________ (Amount) as against ____________ (Amount) and ____________ (Amount) respectively which were prevailing earlier to these present increases. When the poor and the common people have to think of their survival depending upon their very limited earning which is incompatible with the high prices of other commodities, the steep increase in the prices of kerosene oil and LPG has added salt to their wounds.

The government should take immediate steps to dwindle the prices of the same in order to alleviate the distress of the poor and the common people.”

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)