The Editor,
(Newspaper Name)

Dear Sir,

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I shall be highly obliged if you would kindly leave a little space in your esteemed Daily to highlight the following.

Sir – “Needless to mention, it has caught the attention of the pedestrians walking through the city streets that the open manholes are found almost everywhere which are the death traps for the people especially at night and during rainy season when the streets are inundated with water covering the manholes unnoticed. Cases are plenty that these open manholes have claimed lives of many people in the recent past.

In order to avoid recurrence of such incidence in future I would appeal to the city corporation/Department of Municipal Affairs to take appropriate action in covering the open manholes and arrange to check-up the manholes at regular intervals so that the pedestrians can walk freely through the footpaths at night and during rains.”

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)