Yours faithfully,

Reply to Above

Dear Sirs,

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We thank you for your letter dated ____________. We shall be only too glad handle the consignment.

A freight of ____________ (Amount) will be charged for each parcel. This will include full insurance of the goods.

Our service charge of ____________ (Amount) each parcel are payable on presentation of the bill.

The next ship leaves for ____________ (Place Name) on ____________ (Date) and the voyage usually takes ____________ (No. of Day).

As for the formalities, you should have the import license number as also the foreign exchange permit number of your buyer, against which he has to import goods from you. In case this information is readily available with you, we can get the goods shipped on ____________ (Date), provided you confirm before ____________ (Date).

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name)