The section enables the accused to have a copy of the judgment from the Court free of cost. It further provides that when any person is affected by a judgment or order passed by a Criminal Court, he may apply under sub-section (5) of this section and on payment of prescribed charges, a copy of the order, deposition or any other part of the record will be made available to him irrespective of the fact whether he has appeared in the Court or not.

The right to get copies or any part of the record of the trial under sub-section (5) is, however, subject to an order under Section 14 of the Official Secrets Act. But the Court cannot deprive the accused of this right merely because there is-an order, unless it is shown that the publication of the copies which the accused desires to have would be prejudicial to the safety of the State.

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Sub-section (6) empowers the High Court to make necessary rules for grant of copies to persons not affected by the judgment.