The poet may also be trying to point out discrimination faced by female writers of that time when she refers to the gentlemen. The works of female writers were quite disregarded. Since Mr. Bowles and Emily are friends she knows he will not look down on her work because of the mutual respect that they have. The other publishers would look at her work with clouded judgment due to the pre-formed opinions about literary work done by women.

Emily has asked Mr. Bowles to change his mind about not publishing her poems. She tells him to have an even closer view of her poems by using a ‘microscope’. She is trying to persuade Mr. Bowles to appreciate the quality of her work by every means possible. She is quite persuasive in her language she describes the publishing of her poems as an emergency. For Mr. Bowles to quickly recognize her potential then it is ‘prudent’ that he utilizes that microscope.

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