Instead a human being becomes selfish in his mottos and lazy to make any efforts from his end. He does not consider himself able and work upon his life to make it valuable. This leads to hopelessness and he tends to blame the nature and hold it guilty for giving him this life.

Nature also feels low about the human who has only blamed it and never appreciated it for the beautiful life that he got. Nature is asking the reader to contemplate and find out the people as well the beings in other species who are more or less fortunate than him. After he has drawn a comparison and inspected if his life is better or worse than the rest, then should he decide if he actually wants to die. Self-introspection and realisation to discover the blessings of your life is important before cursing life for all the miseries that come to your share. Life will seem more worthy when we begin to value it as well as the resources that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

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