The disease is characterised by terrible itching which worsens at night. This disease particularly affects hands and elbows but sometimes other parts of the body such as axillae, elbows, buttocks, lower abdomen, feet and ankles are also affected. It is transmitted from one person to another by close contact. So, many members of a family may be affected by this disease at the same time.

Control of Scabies:

(i) For prevention avoid overcrowding and maintain personal cleanliness and hygiene.

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(ii) Treat all the affected persons of the family. They should be bathed thoroughly with soap and water and then apply one of the following medicaments on the body which should be washed next day and the course repeated as suggested by the physician. The medicaments used for scabies are:

(a) Benzyl benzoate 25% emulsion;

(b) Sulphur ointment 2 to 10%; and

(c) Benzene hexachloride 0.5% in coconut oil.